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The experience, the skills and the knowledge of the staff at the wellness center will guide you in choosing the right treatment for your needs. Let your skin shine and relax yourself at high altitude in the Brenta Dolomites.

24.7 Natural balance 60 min. | € 70

A precious source of vitamins, minerals and oxygenating elements extracted from plants, buds and flowers, this exclusive balancing treatment provides the essential elements to prevent aging of the facial skin.

Aqua + 50 min. | € 65

A harmonious ritual of water, enveloping cosmetic formulas, and hyaluronic acid concentrates offer intense hydration for the face, for luminous skin and an immediate sen- sation of fresh well-being.

Vita + 50 min. | € 65

A revitalizing treatment that nourishes dry and devitalized skin, enriches the skins deep down, enhances lipids, offering the face firmness and elasticity. An intense wellness break that emphasizes the youthfulness of the skin.

Pura + 50 min. | € 65

Precious active ingredients from plants offer a rejuvenating and purifying action, applied with a gentle touch, target impure and acne-prone skin, giving the face opacity and uniformity. When the skin is freed from toxins, it glows with new beauty.

Dolce + 50 min. | € 65

A gentle wellness ritual. Extracts of black currant and blueberry with softening properties, attenuate redness and strengthen the defences of the most sensitive and delicate skin, offering transparency and brightness.

Lifting Code 80 min. | € 95

Improves brightness and skin density, offers a visible lifting, moisturizing and relaxing effect. The collagen and the high presence of hyaluronic acid guarantee the filling and firming effect.

Primaluce 50 min. | € 75

An exclusive synergy of fruit acids exfoliates and renews the skin intensively, restores an extraordinary luminosity to the face and a uniformity to the skin, visibly cleansed and rejuvenated. A special peeling offers a response to early aging, stains, thickening and impurities.

Exfo marine 45 min. | € 60

For silky, deep cleansed skin, pure Dead Sea salt crystals, papaya and Asian centella extract, promote the elimination of dead cells, tissue drainage, and removal of excess fluid.

Glyco peel 45 min. | € 60

A precious exfoliating treatment that re-energizes the skin. Thanks to the exfoliating and illuminating virtues of fruit acids, it smooths and refines skin, stimulates cell renewal, offering extraordinary softness and a luminous glow.

Thalasso experience 50 min. | € 70

A treatment that promotes the elimination of liquids and toxins; an experience of pure wellness and an extraordinary feeling of lightness. From the sea, a deep detoxification ritual where the body finds new shape and skin has a visibly smoother, elastic and compact appearance.

Premium Thalasso experience 60 min. | € 80

The wrap combined with the extraordinary drainage effect of algae mud, promotes the elimination of liquids and toxins by intensively working on the critical areas of the body that are subject to water retention. An experience of pure wellness and an extraordinary feeling of lightness.

Volcanic soul 50 min. | € 70

An extremely functional and absolutely pleasurable treatment that targets local fat deposits of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Marine algae and valuable lipo- deciduous vegetable extracts help the fat-elimiation process, naturally reshaping the silhouette.

White flowers wrap 50 min. | € 70

A soft wrap, rich in precious oils and white flowers, blends with the skin, wrapping it in sweetness and luminosity. A regeneration ritual, pure pleasure for the senses, it gives elasticity and compactness to the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Leg wrap 50 min. | € 70

A soft wrap, rich in precious oils and white flowers, blends in with the skin. The synergy of the wrap and massage with concentrated draining essences makes this treatment particularly effective for improving the tone of the legs. It gives a renewed sense of freshness and lightness.

Premium leg wrap 60 min. | € 80

A highly effective treatment that, thanks to the combination of the salt crystal scrub and the compressive action of the wrap, creates an effective drainage effect, offering a feeling of relief and well-being.

Abdomen and buttocks wrap 50 min. | € 70

The synergy of the wrap and massage with concentrated lipolytic essences makes this treatment particularly effective to reduce the localized fat deposits of the thighs, but- tocks and abdomen for an immediate slimming effect.

Sport relaxing massage 50 min. | € 75

Distends muscle tension caused by excess physical activity eliminating lactic acid. It brings a relaxing effect in case of profound contraction offering balance and wellbeing thanks to the action of essential oils of sage, marigold and petit grain.

Articular massage 50 min. | € 75

This treatment concentrates on articulation which requires circulation reactivation and movement through muscle relaxing manoeuvres. An essential oil based on lavender, rosemary and marjoram.

Relaxing massage 50 min. | € 75

The calming fragranced and slow gentle movements bring a deep relaxation generated by the use of essential oils with lavender, marjoram and ylang-ylang.

Balsamic massage 50 min. | € 75

Revigorating and refreshing massage with essential oils of mountain pine and citrus fruits.

Rosis deluxe massage 50 min. | € 75

Balancing, soothing and revitalising massage to make you dream. The fragrance from several varieties of roses increases faith in yourself and re-establishes the harmony between body and mind.

Lymphodraining massage 60 min. | € 80

Targeted and rhythmic pressure is applied to the lymph node stations, which reactivate the lymphatic circulation and procures drainage and the alleviation of lymphedema over the entire body. With a base of essential oils of laurel, sandalwood and grapefruit.

Nourishing massage 50 min. | € 75

Massage with natural coconut oil which brings nourishment to dry skin.

Hot stone massage 60 min. | € 80

The lava stones are noted for their capacity of heat retention. As well as being used for body massaging, they can be positioned on more strained areas. This treatment brings an immediate improvement to blood circulation, the distension of the entire vertebral column, the reduction of water retention and to reaching deep mental relaxation.

Plantar Reflexology 45 min. | € 60

An ancient and natural technique of finger pressure on specific points, called reflexology, which relates to different organs and apparatus of the human body. Such methods allow the organism to react to dysfunctions and to situations of unbalance.

Massage for the face, neck and scalp 25 min. | € 40

Relaxes the more important part of the body by diminishing signs of expression. Using a face cream with an Agrilife donkey’s milk base, it improves the circulation and gives new vitality to hair.

Massage – back, neck and arms 25 min. | € 40

A concentration of distending and stretching movements to alleviate tension and release stress accumulated in the scapular area. Carried out with Agrilife cream based on alpine arnica and dwarf pine.

Leg massage 25 min. | € 40

Gives relief to tired, swollen and painful legs thanks to the refreshing Agrilife cream with a base of dwarf pine and arnica.

Manicure € 30

Manicure Spa € 45

Nail polish application and hand massage with Agrilife cream with a base of donkey’s milk, evening primrose extract, potato starch, calendula officinalis and maize protein extract.

Pedicure € 40

Pedicure Spa € 60

Nail polish application and foot massage with Agrilife gel with a base of dwarf pine, alpine arnica extract, peppermint and thyme.


  • Full leg and bikini line € 45
  • Half leg or back € 25
  • Arms € 20
  • Under arm or bikini line € 15
  • Upper lip or eyebrow € 10

Welcome | minimum 1 day | € 100

  • Facial express treatment
  • Complete relaxation massage

Dolomites Wellness | minimum 2 days | € 220

  • 24.7 Facial treatment
  • Spa manicure
  • Glyco Peel exfoliating body treatment
  • Nourishing massage

From Head to Toe | minimum 2 days | € 220

  • Essential facial treatment
  • Personalized massage with essential oils
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

Illuminating | minimum 2 days | € 250

  • VITA+ facial treatment
  • Glyco Peel exfoliating body treatment
  • White Flowers Wrap body treatment
  • Primaluce treatment

Relax | minimum 2 days | € 190

  • Exfo Marine exfoliating body treatment
  • Relaxing massage
  • Rosis Deluxe massage

Expecting mums | minimum 2 days | € 180

  • Spa pedicure
  • Essential facial treatment
  • Leg massage
  • Face, neck and scalp massage

Sport | minimum 3 days | € 170

  • Sports relaxing massage
  • Joints massage
  • Neck, back and arm massage

Silhouette | minimum 4 days | € 310

  • Exfo Marine exfoliating body treatment
  • Thalasso Experience draining treatment
  • Lymph draining massage
  • Abdomen and buttocks wrap
  • White Flower Wrap toning treatment

Super relax | minimum 6 days | € 510

  • Exfo Marine exfoliating body treatment
  • Volcanic Soul lipolysis treatment with massage
  • Thalasso Experience draining treatment
  • Relaxing massage
  • Balsamic massage
  • Essential facial treatment
  • Rosis Deluxe massage

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